My name is Pier Heynike and I am a Life Coach practicing in Claremont, Cape Town. As a coach, I see myself as your Personal Project Partner. My role is to be a thinking and accountability partner, provide support and be your very own cheerleader.


Think change.
Think personal development.
Think future you.

Possible Personal projects that would benefit from partnering:


  • New to a city and finding it challenging to settle in?
  • Feeling frustrated in a current job and needing to make a change?
  • Decided to learn something new, but finding it daunting to add something to an already busy life?
  • Wanting to write a book, but feeling frozen at the hugeness of the venture?
  • Wanting to lose a lot of weight, but completely overwhelmed by the time and effort it would require?
  • Struggling to juggle family and having a life while setting up your own business?

How do you benefit from coaching?

Achieve more

Individuals who want to make substantial changes in their life, or those working on big personal projects, hire coaches.

Coaching enables you to achieve more than you would alone.

Ready for change?

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